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Some people know exactly what they’re looking for in their dream garden. Others have an idea, but can’t quite put their finger on it, and some just don’t know where to start.

My FREE online Style Survey will ask you 6 quick questions about the look, feel, colour and plants that you prefer based on a series of images. On completion of the survey, you will receive your Style Summary via email.

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What Type of Gardener Are You?

Complete my survey and identify the type of gardener you are and what level of support you will need from me to help create your dream garden.

Your Style 
Of Garden

Is your style more traditional or contemporary? My survey will help you realise the look and feel you are hoping to achieve.

Your Favourite
Planting Styles

From your answers we will be able to home in on the planting style you like the most so that I can create a plant pick list that you’ll love.

Choose Your Favourite Colour Scheme

You will discover the colour palette that appeals to you the most, this will also help me create a planting scheme this just right for you. 

Identify Plants That Most Suit Your Style

Discover the choice of plants that will help complete the look of your perfect outside space.

Your Perfect 

Does your ideal layout include curves, straight lines or a combination of both? From my survey you will establish the shapes and materials you'd like to see most.

Are you a hopeful gardener? 

Perhaps you like a moody colour palette

Maybe your style is more formal than informal?

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