Your Garden Journey

I am passionate about taking you on a journey to create your dream garden

Here's how it works...

Step 1

Style Survey

Start by taking my FREE Style Survey to discover the type of garden layout you like most, the planting style that appeals to you, the colour palette you love and the different plants you’d like to include in your dream garden.

Once you have completed the survey you will receive your individual Style Summary. This will start you on your journey to creating a beautiful garden that reflects your personality, lifestyle, hopes and dreams.

Step 2

Design Consultation

The next step would be to book a design consultation with me. This will help us both define what you’re wanting to achieve in your outdoor space and confirm key details about your garden project. We will run through your Style Summary and complete a Checklist to find out more about the overall look of the garden you are wanting to achieve.

Book Your Design Consultation

Step 3


This step is so important and it’s all about the planning! You will be able to provide photos, videos, images, and measurements of your garden. This will enable me to start on an initial design for you and create a plant pick list for us to discuss.

Step 4

Initial Design

I will create and initial 2D plan with 3D SketchUp design, together with a Plant Picklist for you to consider.

You will have the opportunity to give feedback and thoughts on the initial design and plant ideas then together we will agree on what changes, if any, need to be made.

Step 5

Final Design and Planting Scheme

Once you have signed off on the design and plant ideas I will create a detailed planting list for you.

At this stage, I can create a 3D visualisation of your dream garden from various different viewpoints (if you have selected this option). This will give you the opportunity to see exactly how it will look and feel to be in your new outdoor space!

Step 6

Maintenance Schedule by Month

This step is probably one of the most important steps… once you have your dream garden you will want to nurture and look after it so that it will thrive and grow, maturing into the beautiful outdoor space you have always wanted.

To make life as easy as possible I will create a month-by-month maintenance schedule for you that you can access online via my website or emailed as a PDF.


If you have an idea for your garden, I would love to help you get started. I work with homeowners like you to create the garden of your dreams - book a design consultation to get started.

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