Inspiration for your Garden in April

Taking a look at structure, texture and colour in your garden this month...
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May 2, 2024


Inspiration for your Garden

2nd edition

FAQs for April

Which plants are good for structure in April?

Amelanchier: A gorgeous small tree, best grown with a multistem, pretty star like blossoms in April followed by stunning bronze foliage until the autumn when the leaves turn bright crimson/orange.

Euphorbia: A lovely evergreen shrub with green/grey leaves and beautiful lime green bell shaped blooms. So many varieties, some with purple, silver or varigated leaves.

Pieris: An evergreen shrub whose new growth appears red/orange with cream/white/pink flowers in the spring. Mainly grown for it's evergreen foliage in many shades or varigated leaves.




Which plants flower in April?

Lilac- Grown as a shrub or small multistem tree, a Lilac (or Spirea) has beautiful bright green heart-shaped leaves with corn shaped blooms made up of tiny flowers in shades of purple, white or deep red.

Euphorbia Purpurea - Evergreen small perennial with purple leaves and stunning lime green blooms in the spring.

Ceanothus- Stunning bright blue flowers on this evergreen shrub. There are several varieties from lower ground cover, to climbing, to large shrub or small tree. Also know as Calafornian Lilac.

Lilac (Spirea)

Euphorbia Purpurea


Peony Tulips

Fritillaria Orange Beauty

Which bulbs flower in April?

Peony Tulips- Really gorgeous, large peony shaped tulips that will flower for up to 6 weeks (longer than your average peony!) and in so many different colours. To flower in April, they would need to be planted in October the previous year.

Fritillaria - These are stunning, exotic looking flowers in vibrant orange and yellow. Really quite tall for a bulb, up to 1.2m!

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