5 Benefits of Engaing a Garden Designer

Teaming up with an online garden designer makes creating your dream garden a breeze and keeps costs down so you can spend more on plants!
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April 11, 2024

Helping You to Create Your Dream Garden: 5 Benefits of Engaging a Garden Designer

Are you longing for a beautiful garden retreat right outside your door? Imagine fragrant flowers, winding pathways, and a space that reflects your personality and lifestyle. Making this dream a reality might seem daunting, but with a garden designer by your side, it becomes an easy and enjoyable experience, especially if you work together online to create your perfect outdoor space.

Why Engage a Garden Designer?                                                                                  

Here's 5 main benefits of engaging a garden designer to help transform your outdoor space:

  1. Expert Guidance: Garden designers know their stuff. They have the knowledge and experience to create an individual, low-maintenance garden that thrives, ensuring it stays beautiful for years to come.
  2. Tailored to You: Your garden is unique, and a designer can tailor the plan to fit your needs and style, making sure it reflects your personality.
  3. Smart Planning: Designing a garden isn't just about beautiful plants; it's about a smart planting scheme that considers year-round colour and interest, whilst being easy to care for. A designer will create detailed plans, considering everything from the aspect of your garden to actual sunlight hours on your borders, from your soil type to the gradient and drainage of your garden.
  4. See Before You Plant: With tools like 3D SketchUp you can bring your 2D plan to life, and with 3D Visuals you will be able see views of your garden come to life before any work begins. It's like a sneak peek into your perfect outdoor space.
  5. Benefits of an Online Designer: You’ll complete an online Style Survey to establish your individual style, from layout and hard landscaping to preferred planting schemes and colour palette, and then you’ll have an online Design Consultation to agree what you’d like to achieve. This takes less time than face-to-face and costs half the price!



What to Consider When Working with a Garden Designer

Here's a simple checklist to help you prepare:

  1. What do you want to Achieve?: Know what you want from your garden. Are you after a peaceful retreat or a social space? A clear objective from you will guide the design process.
  2. Budget: Figure out your budget upfront and share it with your designer. This helps them tailor the plan to fit your finances. A simple to get a rough price guide is to work on a price per square metre, similar to replacing a carpet in one of your rooms! For example, a simple medium-sized garden (12m x 16m) may cost around £60 per sqm, or a more elaborate design for a medium-sized garden may come in around £95 per sqm.
  3. Know Your Space: Provide details about your garden, like size, orientation, and any challenges it presents. Take some photos from an upstairs room looking down onto the garden, or a 360-degree video from the centre of the garden.
  4. Style and Colours: Think about your preferred garden style and colour scheme. This can be established by completing the online Style Survey and will help your designer create a space that feels just right for you.
  5. Maintenance: Be realistic about how much time you can dedicate to garden upkeep. Your designer can suggest low-maintenance options that will give you time to actually enjoy your outdoor space.


Discover Your Garden Style

Ready to get started? Take my FREE Garden Style Survey to uncover your preferences and get valuable insights to share with your designer. Just visit https://marymarygardener.com/survey/  to get started!

In short, teaming up with an online garden designer makes creating your dream garden a breeze and keeps costs down so you can spend more on plants! By following these simple steps and using my online style survey, you'll be well on your way to enjoying your own dream garden.

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