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I’m on a mission to make garden design more accessible and more affordable to anyone looking to create their dream garden.

Do you love the idea of a beautiful garden with colourful borders that look amazing throughout the seasons and need very little work? Then this is for you!

Choose from 5 gorgeous Border Designs, each available in 5 different sizes specifically created for different areas in your garden, whether it’s a shady corner or fully exposed sunny terrace; whether you like a vibrant fiery colour scheme or soft, calm pastel shades there’s a border design that’s perfect for you.

All design are simple and easy to use with a ‘plant by numbers’ plan, full plant list & alternative plant list, how to guide and explainer video, and not forgetting the 12 monthly maintenance plans!

It's time to bring your dream garden to life – one stunning border at a time! Get ready to source your plants and let the transformation begin!

Which one will you choose?

Design 1 - Evergreen Border for amazing colour and interest all year round

I believe every border has a personality of its own, and the evergreen border can be described as ‘Constant’.

This border is a constant throughout the year, and it never ceases to amaze with its colourful combination of evergreen shrubs and hardy perennials. It’s a vivid tapestry of everlasting colour.  Splashes of lime green, sunny yellow, and vibrant orange and red emerge from among the glossy green foliage of Skimmia Rubella and the rich aubergine leaves of Pittosporum Tom Thumb, creating a sense of opulence and exuberance. It's a border that remains constant and yet with glorious explosions of colour that keep the garden alive throughout all seasons.
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Design 2 - Shady Border with pops of glorious colour

I believe every border has a personality of its own, and the shady colour border can be described as ‘surprising’.

In the heart of this shady border, unexpected bursts of colour stand out from a serene backdrop. Amongst the cool and calm greenery, pops of deep reds from Astilbe and Hellebores, striking orange from Geum Firestorm, the vivid pink of Anemone Prinz Henrick and the rich purple of Liriope all stand out like jewels and infuse life and energy into the shadowy corners of your garden. This shady border will surprise and delight you with its contrast of tranquillity versus vivacity.
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Design 3 - Shady Border with calm, soft, muted colours

I believe every border has a personality of its own, and the shady pastel border can be described as ‘graceful’ .

This calm shady border will create a serene and beautiful space in your garden with a combination of cool lime greens contrasting with warm, deep reds from a variety of flowering shrubs, forming the perfect backdrop for a host of soft perennials in pastel hues of pinks, purples and whites. Amongst some of the plants featured you’ll find feathery ferns mixed in with sparkly white Astrantia, and Hydrangea Limelight partnered with Physocarpus Lady in Red, all providing gorgeous texture and depth to this shady retreat.
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Design 4 - Sunny Border with stunning vibrant, drought tolerant plants

I believe every border has a personality of its own, and the sunny vibrant border can be described as ‘vivacious’.

This gorgeous border is full of life with rich and vibrant colours. It’s a dynamic combination of fiery reds and electric orange, with vivid purples and sunshine yellows in between. With a gorgeous variety of drought tolerant, bee loving plants you’ll find Rudbeckia ‘black-eyed Susan’ jostling alongside Achillea Terracotta, surrounded by the tall powdery blue spikes of Perovskia. If you’re looking for a border that’s full of energy and life, then this one is for you.
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Design 5 - Sunny Border with pastel shades of pinks, purples and whites

I believe every border has a personality of its own, and the sunny pastel border can be described as ‘chic’.

In this sun-kissed border, you’ll find a delicate palette of pastel-coloured perennials surrounded by a beautiful selection of flowering shrubs. The soft, muted shades of blush pink Echinacea, powder blue Nepeta, and fresh white Delphiniums create a chic and free-spirited display against lush lime greens and the soft bronze foliage of Viburnum Bodentense Dawn. It's a border that sparkles with a zest for life yet has a sense of serenity and gentle beauty.
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Bespoke Full Garden Design

I will work with you to design your dream garden based on your Style Survey, your choice of features, plants and colour palette. This option includes:
  • 2D Garden Design to scale
  • Planting Picklist
  • Planting Scheme by border
  • Month by month Maintenance Plan
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Bespoke Border Design & Planting Scheme

If you are only looking to create new flower beds or borders, then this option is for you. It includes the following:
  • 2D Design of each bed or border
  • Planting Scheme
  • Planting Picklist by border
  • Month by month Maintenance Plan
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Visualisation in 3D (Full Garden Design Add-On)

Sometimes it’s easier to visualise your dream garden if you can see it from various viewpoints and in 3D! This option is available as an ‘add on’ to a full garden design and includes the following:
  • 3D visual of your garden design
  • 8 different views of your garden
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Not sure what you need?
Not sure what you need?

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