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Ready to go border designs for a low maintenance garden, from sunny beds to shady borders.

Hi there, I'm Jo.

Hi there, I'm Jo!

I understand the desire for a garden that's not only bursting with amazing colour but is also so easy to maintain all year round. That's why I’ve created five gorgeous "Ready to Go Border Designs“, each available in 6 different sizes.

These designs are your ticket to a hassle-free, beautiful garden, whether you're dealing with a North facing, shady front garden or a South facing, sun-drenched back garden.

Each border has been thoughtfully created to deliver maximum colour and interest with a gorgeous variety of low-maintenance shrubs and perennials. All it takes is a bit of deadheading for continuous flowering and some cutback in late autumn or early spring to keep your garden looking spectacular, neat and tidy.

Shady Pastel Border
Sunny Vibrant Border

Worried about what to do when? Don't be! You'll receive a month-by-month maintenance plan that explains everything to you, with pictures too!

Each Border Design comes with some great resources to help you on your way to creating your new border, including…

  • An easy-to-follow "plant by number" border design.
  • A planting scheme with stunning plant images.
  • A plant list to guide you when purchasing at the garden centre.
  • An alternative plant list just in case.
  • Plus, I've got you covered with how-to guides and explainer videos.
  • And of course, your month by month maintenance plans!

Let's turn your garden dreams into a colourful reality, effortlessly.

To view all 5 border designs just click below to explore which border is right for you, take my free online Border Style Survey below.

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