April Tips for your Garden

A summary of jobs to do in April, together with plants to look out for...
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April 11, 2024

April tips for your Garden

1st edition

Jobs for April

Mid-April is a good time to direct sow Sweet Pea seeds at the base of a support, in full sunlight to get the best results for flowering in June & July. Remember to pick them often for repeat flowering and cut back tendrils daily as this will help the plant increase energy into growing longer stalks!

Here are some plants/annuals that can be planted out or sowed in April:

  • Sweet Peas - If you have been growing these inside from seed, or in a greenhouse, you can now plant them outside. Alternatively, direct sow them as above.
  • Grass seed - Mid-April is a really good time to seed a new lawn or any bare patches in an existing lawn, but make sure the ground is not too wet. To repair a patch: rake away moss or old grass, add a layer of compost to the top and rake over lightly, mix up some grass seed with some additional compost and sprinkle over the top. Careful: you don't need too much seed. This could lead to root competition and poor growth.
  • Scented plants -¬†like a Clematis Montana Fragrant Spring, a highly scented climber that will be in flower from now until end of May.
    Flowering shrubs like Hydrangeas, with many colours and varieties to choose from, just be mindful of your soil type as this will affect the colour of the flowers. For example, if your soil is acidic your flowers will be pink to red. If your soil is alkaline, they will be light blue to purple.
  • Prune existing Hydrangeas - April is the time to prune your Hydrangeas. Take back the old stems to a healthy shoot below. You may have left the old flowers on until now to protect the new shoots from the frosts, so now is also the time to deadhead these.
  • Mulch your beds and borders - with well-rotted manure, wood chips, leaf mulch or a good multi-purpose compost. Spread about 4-6cm thick through the beds/borders. If you have already done this in the autumn you don't need to repeat it in the spring.
  • Enjoy your Tulip displays - This is a Peony tulip called Angelique, it flowers from mid-April for a least 6 weeks!

Plants to look out for in April

Clematis Fragrant Spring
Erysimum Bowles Mauve
Exochorda Pearl Bush
Crategus Paul's Scarlet
(Hawhtorn tree)

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